Why are Bambino Crayons better that Crayola?

Today we would like to talk a little bit about different types of crayons. As you probably know common on the market there are wax crayons, pencil crayons and jumbo crayons. But have you heard about Bambino clay crayons?

There are much more better than wax Crayola! Why? Let me tell you.

1. They are smooth to use as butterscotch ice cream. You can glide on paper and blend your colours.

Colouring crayons, bambino crayons, crayola,

2. Easy to Blend – No more smudges like with crayola

Bambino Crayons 24 colours sheffield artist supplies

3. Easy to clean and wipe. You can even erase them with a rubber!

Interested? See more about Bambino Crayons Here

Bambino 18 Clay Crayons

  • Safe for children
  • Vibrant colours due to unique clay formula
  • Perfect for blending or erasing
  • Easy to clean and does not stain
  • Perfect for colouring books
  • Each crayon has different animal on the wrapper

Try today and you will never come back to wax crayons!

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