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Yorkshire Brand awarded the Best Of Craft award
Sheffield, March 29th 2022 – Bambino Crayons a small business from Sheffield, South
Yorkshire was delighted to be announced the winner of ‘The Best Of Craft Award 2021’. The
owner Kat Brennan was overjoyed with the news as she has loved using the crayons since
her youth and it has always been her passion to bring them over to the United Kingdom.
Bambino Crayons are a supply favourite of Johanna Basford OBE, and are great for adults
and children a like. Just like many of us, we have used crayons in our childhood and now
adult colouring has become popular during the past two years to help with our mindfulness.
Following her achievement of being awarded ‘The Best Of Craft Award 2021’ here are
a few words from Kat Brennan;

”We are overjoyed that the judges recognised the quality of our product. Our silky crayons
have a vibrant finish which is the very reason of its growing popularity.’’
Bambino Crayons are an alternative to wax crayons and are made from clay which are
smooth and vibrant without leaving a wax texture on your paper. They can also be
sharpened to a point for smaller details. Try our crayons over on our website
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Press Release

How to get expert advice from top business sharks.
When Kat Brennan, the owner of Bambino Crayons appeared on top BBC One show
Dragons’ Den to pitch for an investment, it would sure to be colourful. Kat was on the 13th
episode of the BBC one show Dragons’ Den which will be aired on Thursday 31st of March.
Kat Brennan, the owner of Bambino Crayons is excited to see the show, and advises people
to take their chance and come on the show. Kat says:
”I really enjoyed my experience in the Den, the advice given is invaluable and I was given
the chance to speak to top five business experts, including one from my own field. I
encourage all entrepreneurs to take the chance and come onto the show, it is a once in a
lifetime opportunity. The whole process of appearing on Dragons’ Den was absolutely
incredible and I can’t wait to see my episode. ”
Kat pitched to the following team of Dragons on the 19th series of the BBC One show;
Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Steven Barlett.

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Notes for editors:
Kat started Bambino Crayons in 2020, as her love for crayons started during her youth, they
was her favourite crayons to use and she decided to bring them into the UK. Bambino
Crayons is a craft favourite of Johanna Basford OBE. They was also awarded a winner of
the ‘Best of Craft Award’ in 2021. Bambino crayons are not like other crayons, they are an
alternative from wax and are made from clay and are made in Europe from a traditional
formula which has been made the same way for over 120 years.