How to use our crayon extenders.

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you’ve seen our new crayon extender that’s part of some of our colouring bundles. You might even be holding one of our crayon extenders right now wondering how exactly it works. Wonder no further, this simple guide will show you exactly how to start using this nifty little tool. 

A brief demonstration of how to use our extenders

There’s just three steps to use the extender:

  1. Choose your crayon and place it into the end of the extender with the metal grip. 
  1. While holding the crayon in place, twist the metal grip to secure the crayon in the extender. 
  1. When the crayon is snugly secured in the extender it’s ready to use. If you want to swap crayons or change the length, you can loosen the grip by twisting in the other direction. Happy colouring!

Our crayon extenders do as they say on the tin: extend crayons. This makes them easier to grip and colour with precise detail. Perfect for artists and colouring aficionados alike!

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