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How to Regain your Colouring Mojo

Guest Post by Rachel Henderson

We all have times when we do not feel like colouring. It can be the case that we will be happy to take on another hobby for a while but some people really want to colour and so feel sad that their heart is not in it. This has happened to me and there were a few things that I did that helped, so I thought that it would be useful to share them.

I found that colouring a little each day helped me keep in touch with colouring when I felt discouraged. I took on the 30 days of flowers challenge and just did one small flower a day. After about four days I was ready to get back to big pictures again. I will probably do the 30 days of flowers again soon and video it this time so you can join me.

I sometimes find that having a new book to colour in will help me to get excited about colouring again. There are lots of colouring books available and free downloads if you cannot afford to buy a book. It can really help to make you feel more enthusiastic.

Getting new colouring pencils or pens can also help to increase enthusiasm again. They do not have to be expensive either. I have had more fun lately with my cheaper sets of pencils than I have with my more expensive ones. Although Faber Castell Polychromos will probably always be my favourites, I have found that my new Castle ArtsArtezaBlack Widows and Bambino Crayons have been much more fun to use than my Derwent Lightfast pencils.

Many people find that watching colouring tutorials and follow along with them can help them. Not having to decide on which colours to select or think about techniques can be more relaxing and encouraging. I have plenty of these that you can try out on my YouTube channel!

I find being a part of a colouring community also helps me. There are lots of colouring groups on Facebook and I am a member of two ‘An Inky Obsession’ which is pretty small now with few posts and ‘Johanna Basford Your Pages’ which is huge but very helpful and friendly. Also looking at #johannabasford on Instagram is inspiring. There are also plenty of pictures on Reddit in the colouring communities and on Pinterest which you could look at too. You can even find me on social media too if you wish! Links are on my Contact page.

A big thank you from Bambino to Rachel Henderson for this week’s lovely blog post! You can follow Rachel on Instagram, or subscribe to her YouTube Channel where she posts helpful colouring tutorials and reviews almost daily. If you would like to have your writing or content featured on the Bambino Blog, please contact

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