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How Colouring Changed My Life

One woman’s story of how her colouring hobby turned her life around.

Kat, like many others during the last 18 months, was struggling. Month after month of social distancing and lockdowns was taking a serious toll on her mental health. “I felt stuck in my life. I was depressed and finding it hard to get through each day.”  However, there was one way that she managed to stay afloat during the seemingly dystopian global crisis the world was in – colouring. She had always loved colouring in as a child, but left the hobby behind as she grew up.  

One day she came across a colouring book made for adults, and hearing about the supposed benefits of these books that seemed to be gaining popularity in mindfulness circles, she decided to give it a go. From the first page, she was hooked. These books gave her a peaceful escape from the dreary stresses of post-COVID life and a chance to put her mind at ease. Every day she would take an hour to simply sit and colour, and anxieties melted away as she rekindled her love for her childhood hobby. “Colouring became a way for me to forget about my worries and just give my head some space” 

It was at this point that Kat realised there was a gap in the market, all the colouring crayons available on the were not good enough for adult colourists. Finding that they were dull, blunt and often leaving waxy smudges, she knew that there had to be an alternative. This gave her the idea to launch her business – Bambino Crayons. The business specialised in crayons made of clay, rather than wax, that could be used by adults and children alike. Suddenly, her life was turned around. The dread she once felt waking up every day in a pandemic was replaced by a burning sense of determination to spread the joy of colouring with crayons and bring success to her fledgling business. 

Since the business’ launch just 4 months ago, Kat has seen great success with her small business, gaining popularity in the United States and across the UK, and getting picked up by arts & crafts chain HobbyCraft. The most rewarding part for Kat, however, was seeing the joy that colouring was bringing to people everywhere. The crayons have been received very well among both parents of little artists and adult colourers across the world. The business even formed its own online colouring community for people to share their work and meet like-minded colourists. “I’ve absolutely loved seeing people’s reactions to our crayons. I’m so pleased every time we get a review or someone uploads their colouring to our group.” She said. “It feels great knowing that I can spread the word about the positive effects of colouring on mental health.”

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