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Crookes Community Pups Rally to Support Bambino

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with our adorably packaged crayons and colouring books. Here at Bambino, we’ve found a way to make colouring even cuter. ‘But how is that even possible?!’ I hear you ask. One word: PUPPIES. We asked our local community to bring their canine companions to the Bambino office to see what they made of our crayons. Let’s just say this; people (and pooches!) of Crookes, you did NOT disappoint. We were so glad to have so many of our local furry friends come give us a visit, even having to turn a couple down due to the sheer amount of people that wanted to give their support.

You might be wondering what our small Crookes based office is going to do with a bunch of puppies. I’ll tell you – creating a campaign cute enough to compete with the budgets of big crayon companies whilst still making time to engage with our local community. On the big day, we welcomed 15 of Sheffield’s most adorable canine friends to come in for a photoshoot with our crayons. The result? 100 percent cuteness overload. We’ve uploaded some of our favourite shots to our Facebook and Instagram pages for your viewing pleasure. Keep your eyes peeled on TikTok too for some upcoming mutt mischief. WARNING: some of these dogs are DANGEROUSLY cute.

Puppies (unfortunately) cannot talk. However, if they could, I’m sure Crookes’ pups would  be very vocal about our crayons. For now, you’ll just have to take their excited tail-wagging, sniffing and occasional nibbling as a big paws-up from our canine models. But what makes our crayons so special that even dogs love them? Bambino crayons are made from clay, not wax. This unique clay formula ensures they are satisfyingly smooth to use and blend, without leaving that waxy smudging most big-brand crayons do. On top of this, our crayons are erasable, child safe, and do not stain, making them ideal for kids. No mess – even if they do make a dog’s dinner of it!

They say “Every dog has its day”, and that certainly rings true for the ones that came for an office visit. Some of these dogs were definitely not afraid of the spotlight. Maggie (@Cockamaggie on Instagram), a particularly photogenic cockapoo, even ended up being the face for our promotional giveaway we ran across our social media. We also had the pleasure of meeting Dougie, who loved to show off the adorable spinning trick he’d learned.  Here at Bambino we love to see furry friends of all kinds. Send us your cutest, cuddliest or most chaotic pet photos via DMs and your pet may get featured on Bambino’s pet of the week!

Bambino and its staff would like to say a big THANK YOU to the people of Crookes and their dogs for their support in creating this campaign. “It’s so fantastic to see our community engage and support us like this.” said CEO Kat Brennan “We really think together we can spread the word about our amazing crayons.” We were overjoyed to see so many reach out to help a small business, and feel very proud to be a part of this community. Click the pictures below to see the results of our puppy photoshoots and let us know your favourite dog breed in the comments below!

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