We Transformed
the Wax Crayon

Our crayons are different because they are made mainly from pigment and kaolin clay. It means they have a great saturation and gorgeous colours.

Colouring crayons, bambino crayons, crayola,

Save your creativity

Safe for children

Our Crayons are CE Marked

Vibrant 24 Colours

Our crayons are highly pigmented which gives them beautiful saturation.

Beautiful Blending

You can blend and even erase them! No more ugly smudges!

Colouring crayons, bambino crayons, crayola,

FREE Shipping

We ship from Sheffield in South Yorkshire via Royal Mail to keep it British.

High Quality

Our crayons are made from kaolin clay which makes them uniquely different from wax crayons.

For Artists Big and Small

We think all artists will enjoy using our crayons!

Colour your own world as you like it

With our crayons you can colour everything you could possibly want and not only that, they are beautifully wrapped and extremely smooth to use and blend. 

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