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5 Reasons Clay Crayons Blow Wax Out the Water

If you’ve already tried our crayons, you’ll know that the difference between them and standard wax crayons is immediately noticeable. From the first use, colouring with Bambino crayons is a smooth and satisfying experience. But what is it exactly that makes our crayons special? Well it’s the unique kaolin clay formula we keep going on about, of course! Our crayons (or should I say, ‘clayons’) are made using a formula originally invented in Poland almost a century ago. In this blog post I’m going to walk you through the top 5 reasons why we think our crayons deserve a spot in your stationery box over wax crayons. 

1. No Waxy Smudges

Imagine it. It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon and you’ve been peacefully colouring in a fresh page in your favourite colouring book. You’ve spent ages meditatively shading in an illustration, being careful not to go over the lines. Everything is perfect and you’re feeling very satisfied with your art. Suddenly, you slip, one misguided lean and your hand smears across your colouring. All that time spent trying to get the right effect on the page and now it’s been ruined with a messy smudge. This could have all been avoided if you’d been using Bambino crayons. Our clay formula applies to the page more like a colouring pencil than a traditional crayon. No smudges, no waxy hand feel, and no more worrying you could ruin your colouring with one foul swoop.

2. Blendable

Most crayons come in multipacks with an assortment of colours, ours included. But what most crayons don’t have is the ability to seamlessly blend colours like ours do. While you may be restricted to 24 colours in other packs, a pack of Bambino crayons offers you limitless possibilities. Using our crayons to blend opens up a whole rainbow of colours. Never again shall you be stuck searching for that perfect shade of orange – you can simply create it yourself.

3. Won’t Ruin your Clothes

This one is for the busy parents who just can’t seem to escape their beloved little one’s trail of carnage. It’s all well and good watching your miniature Picassos colour to their hearts’ content, but what happens when you realise a lone blue crayon has somehow been smuggled via a shorts pocket into the washing machine? Well that depends entirely on what sort of crayons you bought. If you bought other crayons, expect to spend the next hour of your life scraping out melted and redried wax and desperately trying to follow whatever advice you can scour from the first page of Google. If you bought Bambino crayons, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be a melted waxy mess sticking your laundry together. Our clay formula is completely washable, meaning your little ones can get creative without the imminent threat of the laundry load from hell.

4. Vibrant colours

It only takes one look to spot the difference between our crayons and regular wax crayons. Our crayons produce a much bolder, more vibrant end result than the pale & all too often inconsistent effect you get with wax. You don’t have to take my word for it though, the results speak for themselves. 

5. Smooth Shading

One of the most noticeable things about Bambino crayons is how smoothly they glide across the paper. This smoothness allows any artist to shade with ease, gently applying more pressure to deepen the tone. On top of this, they provide a much more even and consistent finish than wax crayons, which seem to only be consistent at being inconsistent. Avoid the patchy half-white results of wax and give Bambino a go! We promise you won’t regret it.

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